[1/19/22 update discusses the Proud Boys and their ties to Stone, Alex Jones, the Bundys, and the Oath Keepers]


By Jennifer Cohn, 1/15/22

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice filed seditious conspiracy charges against Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the paramilitary group called the Oath Keepers, and ten other…

By Jennifer Cohn, 11/27/21

via Business Insider, https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-retweets-pizzagate-conspiracy-theory-jack-posobiec-charlottesville-2017-8

One of America’s most prolific liars is a former naval intelligence officer-turned-far-right-agitator named Jack Posobiec. For those who are unaware, Posobiec was a member of Mike Flynn’s “digital army” in 2016, a protege of Roger Stone, and a correspondent” for One America News Network (OANN). He…

By singling out Dominion, the GOP has successfully deflected from legitimate election-security concerns involving America’s largest voting machine vendor, ES&S.

By Jennifer Cohn, 5/23/21

Although you would never know it to hear Trump and his allies scream about Dominion Voting, it was ES&S that deservedly received criticism in recent years…

Jennifer Cohn

Attorney and Election Integrity Advocate #ProtectOurVotes #PaperBallotsNow @jennycohn1

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