Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), who went to Russia this past July 4 and says we should overlook Russia’s election meddling, enjoyed one of the most surprising election wins of 2016 after Russia compromised his state’s election system.

  1. A contingency of Republican senators spent the 4th of July in Moscow.
  2. Some of the senators returned with a relatively “strident tone” toward Russia. Senator Kennedy of Louisiana, for example, told CNN “that the message for Russia was, ‘stop screwing with American elections.’” (Id.)
  3. And Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas said that he wanted “Russians to hear that Republicans from the United States Senate believe that meddling occurred, that it needs to stop … And that’s a component criteria before any kind of relationship change can really occur that needs to come to an end.” (Id.)
  4. But Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin suggested upon his return that the U.S. has gone too far in punishing Russia for its election meddling:

“I’ve been pretty upfront that the election interference — as serious as that was, and unacceptable — is not the greatest threat to our democracy … We’ve blown it way out of proportion.” (Id.)

5. “Johnson elaborated on his position in a Monday interview with WOSH-AM radio, in which he said there were more serious threats” and that it’s “very difficult to really meddle in our elections. It just is. These are locally run, it’s almost impossible to change the vote tally.”



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Jennifer Cohn

Jennifer Cohn

Attorney and Election Integrity Advocate #ProtectOurVotes #PaperBallotsNow @jennycohn1